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10+ Heavenly Poems About Angel Wings

Last Updated: October 29, 2022

In many cultures, the image of winged angel are very common. The wings of an angel is a magnificent sight to witness, as they serve as a symbol of God’s power and loving care for people. Today, we’re going to look at 10 poems about angel wings and see how they’re represented in poetry.

1. The Wings Of An Angel by Herbert H. Smith

To ride upon the wings of an angel
Is something that would set most people’s heart and soul aglow
But to ride upon the wings of an angel
We should live a good life in the world below.

Most people are sure they have a guardian angel
Watching over them from up in the sky
Because we have lived through so many sicknesses and injuries
There seems to be no other reason why.

When we have crossed that shining water
And our time on earth shall be no more
There we will meet our guardian angel
Waiting for us on the other shore.

Maybe then we will be a guardian angel
And watch over someone from up in the sky
Always ready to reach out the a help them
And never letting them know the reason why.

2. Angel Wings by Jean Penner

I’ve heard the sound of angel wings,
Listen; they’re fluttering near!
As the gentle voice of a Father called,
‘Behold, my child, I’m here.’

His grace flew near in good times,
Bringing laughter and cheer,
Like the wings of a dove,
He sent His love,
Fluttering through the years.

His grace flew near a marriage,
Bringing the songs of joy,
With the wings of a dove,
He built a love,
Which time cannot destroy.

His grace flew near a family,
Given them children dear,
On the wings of a dove,
He watched with love,
Keeping them safe each year.

His grace flew near the aging,
Caring as though his own,
To the wings of a dove,
He guided with love,
An angel to a heavenly home.

His grace flew near in darkness,
When a fortress was needed to hide,
In the wings of a dove,
He kept His loves,
Safely by his side.

I’ve heard the sound of angel wings,
Listen; they’re fluttering near!
For The gentle voice of the Father calls,
‘Behold, my child is here! ‘

3. On Angel’s Wings by Crailin Hardy

On Angel’s Wings you were taken away,
But in my heart you will always stay.
I will hear your whisper in the tallest trees,
Feel your love in the gentle breeze.
And when I find I miss you the most,
Inside our beautiful memories
I will hold you close.
You are an angel watching over me
with the comfort and blessings you bring,
You embrace my heart and hold it close,
Forever on Angel’s Wings

4. Angel Wings by Alyssa Rieper

I was walking home one night
And I saw a star big and bright

I closed my eyes, heaven in mind
Where, there, the truth I would find

I thought of all the angels, how happy they’d be
Smiling at everyone as they fluttered around me

Then I saw the King of Kings
As he flew about on his Angel Wings

When I woke up from this lovely dream
It was over, or so it seemed

Then I went to bed and prayed to the King
Remembering heaven, and God’s Angel Wings

5. Half-Winged Angel by Katie Sanzo

In a dark room there is a half-winged angel
Bound in chains of white stars
Crying over blood-stained hands
The tears relieved him of his role as a demigod
That his bath in tainted virtue secured

Self-righteousness and unholy morals kept him alive
While his deceitful honesty made him trustworthy
Spiteful cruelty and heavy vices
Encumbers his remaining wing

His empathy for humankind holds him down
Despite the fact that his malice for humanity is his life source
This paradoxical imprisonment drives his desire
In a different world than the one of abomination he created

6. Angel Wings by Phoenix Black

Funny how things turn around
Caught me before I hit the ground
Flew me away with angels wings
Took me away to better things
You have a strength you don’t know
It picks me up when I am low
I want that strength possessed by few
I want some wings just like you

7. Giving The Angels Their Wings by Ave Lilik

Giving the angels their wings
Is not as easy as it seems,
For letting them to fly
Empty will our nest be.
Still, keeping them locked by
Happy never can we be,
For we will not only cry
When seeing tears coming out of their eyes.

8. Angels Wings by Jennifer Kilby

Though the night through the pain.
I fly upon these angel wings.
He guides me through the pain of life.
He guides me through the dark of night.
When it becomes to way to much.
He lifts me into the sky above.
So I hold on tight and close my eyes.
As I feel his wings melt from underneath hands.
This is where I take my stand.
I spread my wings for the first time
Now I am learning how to fly.
Never thought that this could be
The angel that is flying happens to be me.

9. Wings Of An Angel by Ruth Warren

When sorrow is presented there’s no alternative way,

Than to cry out to my Angel, who will save me another day.

When the tears slide down my face in vain,

My Angel is there to wipe away my pain.

Such a sweet caress they gently give,

For they too know the torture it is to live.

But as the day comes, we will hurt no more,

To accend to the clouds, like waves on the shore.

The wings of the Angels will fly us away,

Than to cry out to my Angel, to save my day.

Over time we will find what was gone,

Just the same, we will know all right from wrong.

But as hard as it is now, to let it go,

We will get to Heaven, my dream has shown.

To see the Angels decending from above,

To fix your broken heart of detatched love.

The night is spell bound with the Angels kiss,

To sweeten my dreams from pain to bliss.

And my tears will fall never more,

From my face, to the floor.

And through this depression I have been strangled,

But nevermore, with the wings of the Angels.

10. Angel Wings by Christine K. Trease

What a day to celebrate, what a time to cheer,
God shined upon us all and sent you here.
You could have gone to others, somewhere far away,
But then we could not celebrate this joyous, happy day.
At times I often wonder if you really know just how
You touch our lives with loveliness and always have somehow.
You are a sweet example of an angel here on earth;
Most times you do not realize your own self worth.
For as each angel crosses from heaven to this world,
They leave behind their angel wings, folded and unfurled.
They hope to keep them safely set aside until the day
They leave this world and travel back from where they came.
They hope the deeds they do for others while they tarry here
Will earn them back their angel wings, once again to wear.
I know a little secret that others can not tell,
It’s all about the sister that I know so very well.
Your wings are not in heaven waiting there for you,
You earned the right to wear them proudly each day through.
Others can not visualize things only seen by me,
For I can see your angel wings as clearly as can be!

Final thoughts

So that’s the poems about angel wings. Regardless of the wings’ appearance, they always radiate a celestial aura that continually serve as an inspiration for poets at any era.

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