Slant Rhyme In Poetry: What You Need to Know

slant rhyme in poetry

Have you ever read a poem and been struck by how the lines seem to rhyme, but not in a way that is immediately obvious? This type of rhyming is called ‘slant rhyme’. Many people don’t know about this type of rhyme, even though it can be very effective. Slant rhyming can add an extra […]

What is Simile in Poetry? (+Example Poems to Learn From)

simile in poetry

When you break it down, most poetry is the use of figurative language to create a picture in the mind of the reader. And one of the most common, and versatile, forms of figurative language is simile. Similes can add flavor and life to even the most mundane things. Have you ever read a poem […]

10 Poems of Tao Yuanming Everyone Should Read

tao yuanming statue

Tao Yuanming is a renowned poet of the Tang Dynasty who is known for his simple and unpretentious style of writing. His poems are full of insight into life and nature and offer a refreshing perspective on the world. In this article, we’re going to look at the life of Tao Yuanming as well as […]

A Brief Look at Middle Eastern Poetry

middle eastern poetry

The Middle East has one of the greatest literary traditions known to mankind. It reflects their history events, culture, and human values. A big part of it is no doubt, poetry. In this article, we’re going to take a look at Middle Eastern poetry and see how big of a role it plays in their […]

Top 15 Best Websites to Write And Share Your Poetry

If you’re a poetry lover, then there’s a good chance you also like to write your own poems. Do you know what’s better than writing your own poems? Sharing your poetry with people who have the same passion. In this article, we will go through the 15 best websites you can use to write and […]