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Color Poems: Helping Kids Learn About Poetry

Last Updated: November 30, 2022

Poetry is beautiful, and it would be great if one can learn about it at a young age. Color poem is a very helpful tool to introduce children to poetry, and in this article we’re going to learn all about it.

After reading this article, you’ll know what is a color poem, how to write a color poem yourself, and I also have some examples of color poems for you. Let’s begin.

What is a color poem?

A color poem is a poem about a single color. Simple as that. To express feelings about that color, some key elements often being used are descriptions, adjectives and nouns.

A color poem typically has a simple format, which is using five senses (look, sound, taste, feel, smell) to describe the color. Of course, one can use different format as well, as long as it correctly describes the chose color.

A color poem is quite easy to write since it doesn’t need to rhyme and you can use similes as well as interesting adjectives. Would you like to learn how to write one yourself? Then read on!

How to write a color poem

Okay, now you know what a color poem is, let’s talk about how can you write one. Here are the x steps process to write a color poem.

Step 1: Pick your color

You can choose any color you like, obviously. Everyone has their favorites, and in this example, I’m going to pick yellow.

Step 2: Brainstorm objects

Next, try to think of all the things that suggest to you about the color that you picked. For example, here are the things that remind me of yellow.

Flower, sun, sand, gold, baby chick, banana, cheese, lemon, pineapple, corn, bee, candy.

Now come up with your own objects, and aim for about 10 things on your list.

Step 3: Write the sentences

Okay, we’ll use various senses to describe the color.

Firstly, we will write about what yellow looks like. From the list that we have at step 2, choose one that you like then make a sentence with it.

Yellow looks like the sand between my toes.

Simple as that!

Next, we need to think about what yellow sounds like. This can be a little bit tricky sometimes, but if you’ve done a good job at step 2, it will not be difficult.

Yellow sounds like flying bees.

Next, it’s time to think about what your chosen color smells like. So take your time and imagine what your color may smell like. Here is my example.

Yellow smells like yummy pineapples.

When coming up with your sentence, look at the list you have at step 2 and try to think what’s the best object that will go with your sentence.

Using the same method, you will need to write the rest of the poems with these sentences:

Your color tastes like…
Your color feels like…
Your color reminds me of…

Here are mine:

Yellow tastes like a ripe banana.
Yellow feels like the warming sun.
Yellow reminds me of a baby chick.

Easy, right? Put it all together and we have a complete color poem.

Yellow looks like the sand between my toes.
Yellow sounds like flying bees.
Yellow smells like yummy pineapples.
Yellow tastes like a ripe banana.
Yellow feels like the warming sun.
Yellow reminds me of a baby chick.

Color poem examples

Now that you know how to write a color poem, you can start experimenting and write as many as you like. In this section, I’m going to give you some examples of color poem for inspiration, in case you need it.


Red is strawberries, my favorite blanket and roses.
Red tastes sweet.
Red smells like yummy strawberries and clean laundry.
Red feels soft.
Red looks like my cheeks when embarrassed.
Red makes me happy.


Blue looks like the sky on a clear day.
Blue sounds like a sad song.
Blue smells like the salty seaside.
Blue tastes like a freshly baked pie.
Blue feels like a cold breeze.
Blue reminds me of flying in a plane.


Green is the color of ripe apples dangling from the trees.
Green is the feeling of gentle winds brushing your cheeks.
Green is the sweet taste of juicy grapes.
Green is the smell of wet grass after a rain shower.
Green is the sound of a frog family making plans for dinner.
Green is drifting off to sleep after a long day.
Green is life.

Final thoughts

So, there you have it, all the things you need to know about color poem. Also, we have many other articles about poetry that you can check out if you’re interested, here are some suggestions:

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