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7 Best Geometry Poems That Rhyme

Last Updated: November 5, 2022

Geometry is one of the oldest branches of mathematics. It’s all about shapes and their properties, helps us understand the world better.

Poetry can be a great way to introduce geometry to children, makes all the seemingly dry concept become fun. Hence, in this article, we’re going to bring you some of the best geometry poems out there!

1. Meet The Shape by Unknown Author

Terry Triangle, Terry Triangle
Look at me, look at me
Count my sides, count my sides
There are three, there are three.

Sammy Square, Sammy Square
That’s my name, that’s my name
I have four sides, I have four sides
They’re all the same, they’re all the same.

Robbie Rectangle, Robbie Rectangle
I have four sides, I have four sides
Two are long, two are long
Two are short, two are short.

Cindy Circle, Cindy Circle
Just one line, just one line
Make it round, make it round
That is fine, that is fine.

2. Mr. Geometry by Unknown Author

Geometry, Geometry,
Gives us all our shapes…
Circles, squares, polygons,

Shapes of cold green grapes!
Shapes of apes, and apes, and apes,

Hiding out behind the drapes,
Time to make a great escape,
When shapes are shaped to look like apes…
Shapes of scrapes,
Shapes of plates,
Naming, using, all those shapes,
Circles, squares, prisms, spheres,
Shapes that look like rabbit ears,

Angles, curves, diamonds, swerves,
Shapes I often do observe,

Make me dizzy,
Make me sigh,
Geometry’s one busy guy

3. Triangle Poem by Unknown Author

Triangle cried,
Triangular tears,
They soaked her 3 sides,
They wet her 3 ears!
Triangle asked,
Why can’t I be square?
My sides are to slanted to grow my own hair!

I shouldn’t be bald,
I wanna’ grow hair,
I prefer having fur,
Like a brown baby bear!
Circle rolled by,

Said shapes aren’t known,
To grow their own hair,
Not on their own!
You should feel great,
No shapes can grow hair,
Just ask the rectangle, oval, or square!

And to tell the whole truth,
Bald is quite cool,
All shapes are bald,
We learned that at school…
You can be hairy,
But smooth is sweet too,
However you are,
It’s great to be you!
Triangle smiled,
Took a breath of fresh air,
When she realized it’s great,
To be bald or have hair!

4. Solid Figures by Unknown Author

Solid figures are fat, not flat.
A cone is like a party hat.
A sphere is like a bouncy ball.
A prism is like a building tall.
A cylinder is like a can you pop.
A cube is like the dice you drop.
Solid figures are here and there.
Solid figures are everywhere.

5. Dots Poem by Unknown Author

Drew lots of round dots,
She dotted mom’s dishes,
And daddy’s food pots…

She dotted with blue,
She dotted with red,
She dotted her toothbrush,
She dotted her bed!
Colorful dots,
Were drawn everywhere,
She dotted green shoes,
Both shoes of the pair,
She dotted her hats,
She dotted her hair,
She dotted all things,
She just didn’t care!
She dotted an apple,
A chair and a bear,
She dotted right here,
She dotted right there!
Dotty was dotty,
Drawing blue spots,
Happy and silly,
She loved dots a lot!
Only one thing,
Made Dotty despair,
When dots she was drawing,
Came out looking square!

6. Geometry Of Love by D.W. Rodgers

Two lines intersect
an inherently
unstable situation.

Parallel lines
are better
each proceeding
separately in
the same direction
balanced by forces
of attraction/repulsion.
But if these change
the lines diverge
or intersect (see above).

Sometimes two
intersecting lines
may align
with a third
forming a
Which is stable
but generally
disapproved of.

Very occasionally
two lines may meet
end to end
and curve
to form
a circle
which is

7. Types of Angles by Unknown Author

When lines intersect,
And sometimes they might,
Angles are formed,
Some wrong and some RIGHT,

Angles are special,
They have different types,
Right, and obtuse,
Acute ones are nice…
Angles can’t angle,
Which means they can’t fish,

And angles can’t whistle,
Or grant you a wish…
Angle’s no ANGEL,
Or circle or sphere,
But they do come in handy,
When building, my dear…
Three measures of angles,
For all sorts of needs,
Angles are formed,
When bending your knees…
Surrounded by angles,
I think what I’ve found,
Without these 3 angles,
Life would be round…
obtuse angles measure more than 90º
acute angles measure less than 90º
right angles measure exactly 90º

Final thoughts

I hope you’ve had some fun with the geometry poems. As you can see, poetry can be a great tool to aid teaching, so if you like this article, you might want to check out these ones as well:

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