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8+ Poems About Lacrosse – The Oldest American Sport

Last Updated: September 27, 2022

Lacrosse poems are a great way to add some fun and excitement to your lacrosse games. Whether you’re playing in a league or just playing as a hobby, these poems will put you in the mood for game time. So whether you’re looking for something to do before or after your game, check out these lacrosse poems!

1. Ode To Lacrosse by Libby Simpkins

The pocket;
Brilliantly webbed nylon mesh.
Waiting for the hard rubber ball
to willingly return to its home.

The shaft;
Gently shaped aluminum.
Waiting for it’s sole owners grasp.
Fierce hands held together with honor,
with pride.
A warriors hands.

A field full of champions.
Team uniforms in sync.
Opponents appearances so different.
Mindsets so alike.
Intentions of victory, glory, superiority.

Moonless liquid.
Replacing my naturally flowing blood stream.
Powerful molten running through my veins.
Pumping my heart, controlling my brain.

A puppet:
Strings being pulled by a thunderous drum beat-
My heart:
A boulder at full tilt,
rolling down the potholed road.
My body, cast under a spell.
Insides booming from the pounding boulder.
Opposed by a stable outer layer.
Keen eyes, Steady hands.

One foot in front of the other,
An army of warriors saunter to the field

2. Lacrosse Ball by Hufferfish Blob

Taken from an oak tree
Carved into a perfect circle
The first time ever thrown into the air
Caught, Cradled, Dropped
Scooped, Cradled, Passed, Caught, Dropped,
Scooped, Dropped
Scooped, Passed, Caught, Shot

An arrow pierces me
My fur stuffed into a spherical pelt of my skin
Stitched up and continuing flying through the air
Closer to my target
Past his stick, his head…

Tapped and harvested from the trees
My white goo solidified into a rounder shape
The final product
Soaring, coasting? gliding?
Just missing the orange metal pole
Flying into the woods
The voices fading away
Hitting the ground of the woods
Sitting, waiting to be scooped again

I am lost

3. Lacrosse Poem by Anonymous

As we take the field, ready for the game
Sticks in hand, looking at how far we came
The other team squares off to us, Ready to score
We’ve worked hard, but this isn’t practice anymore

The whistle blows, the draw is high
No one is going to let this game end in a tie
The first goal comes quickly
Using quick bursts of energy

If you play as hard as you can and to the best of your ability
You will impress everyone with your skill and agility

4. Goalie by Anonymous

My goal is to stop you yours.
Posts are my best friends.
No pads, no worries.
Pain won’t last forever… The memories will.
I am the wall you should have practiced on.
Thank you sir, may I have another.
Help your stats, don’t shoot today.
The last line of defense.
Certified 100% insane!

5. Lacrosse by Amos Toland

Gold and red streaks shimmer through the morning sky,
The light reflects of each and every one of the warriors helmets,
And their weapons gleam in a blinding light to cruel to look at.
A high pitched noise turns the once peaceful silence to war,
And a flurry of red and blue mix together,
All fighting over the most important object to possess,
And they will stop at nothing to obtain it.
Suddenly a cluster of the soldiers clash together,
They slash and jab at each other trying to get it,
But little did they know it was already in possession of a more clever of a the few,
But they were to caught up in their hatred they had forgotten it.
A whip of a stick and it flies through the air,
As if it was a shooting star slowly drifting back to orbit,
But instead of another clash between the two.

6. Lacrosse Haiku by Anonymous

Each single moment,
there is a subtle movement:
Lacrosse ball in flight

7. Lacrosse Couplets by Anonymous

Down the field, they run like the wind
Players pass and weave, again and again
Darting in among the defenders, a fling
of the ball; they score! They win!

8. The Game of Hockey by Dennis Spilchuk

By Government decree Lacrosse
Is Canada’s national sport,
But in the hearts and minds of Canadians,
Hockey rules supreme.
A winter sport enjoyed by Canadians since 1875,
Played on frozen ponds and rivers,
Lakes and streets and in, indoor shelters!
Officially, the game is conducted on a frozen sheet of ice:
Two hundred feet long by eighty feet wide,
Surrounded by boards inside an arena,—
And divided into three main areas as follows:
The defending and attacking zones both sixty-four feet wide,
And the neutral zone between the blue lines.
The ice surface is divided in half
By a painted red line in the middle,
And a blue line twenty five feet
On each side from the center;
With face-off circles,
One at center ice to start the game and for goals;
And one on the left and one on the right
Between the red and blues lines for offsides.
And one on each side of the goal net in the ends.
Eleven feet from the boards, another strip is drawn,
Called the goal line and for icing the puck.
An area just behind the net marked by hash tags,
Is used to protect the goalie from body contact,
Between the goal net and boards.

The game is played between
The Visitors and the Home team,
Consisting of three periods of twenty minute spans
And longer, if overtime is required.
It’s usually a snarly bunch that sits in the stands,
Of the enclosure that houses the ice rink.
With the shriek of a whistle the game commences,
While coaches bark out orders
To players, soaked in sweat sitting on benches,
On their feet are metal blades clamped to boots,
To propel themselves across the skating surface!
The players are well-protected in armor:
Shin pads, elbow pads, shoulder pads,
Hockey pants and a jock,
And padded gloves on the hands
With a visor to cover the eyes,
Attached to a helmet on top;
And teeth protected by a mouth guard.
The goalies wear extra equipment to compensate,—
As well as a face mask designed with intimidating images.
To stop the piece of vulcanized rubber,
(One inch thick and three inches in diameter weighing 6 ounces),
From entering the net and scoring a goal.
For whoever scores the most (i.e. pucks in the net) wins!
This is accomplished by the use of a curved stick,
An “L” shaped devise comprised of a shaft and blade,
Made out of wood, aluminum or composite materials.

The game consists of five players per side,
Three forwards and a pair of defensemen,
Who race up and down the ice surface
Fore-checking and back checking;
Trying to shoot the rubber past the netminder.
There’s the wrist shot, slap shot, snap shot and backhand;
Or shoulder deke, followed by soft hands that flick the puck,
Or just a deflection; whatever the case;
Stay out of the goal crease!
Skate and stick passes occur quickly and play transitions,
As players maneuver to jockey for positions,
Applying their skills learned from an early age,
To dance on the edges of the skate blades
And pivot like ballerinas dodging body checks,
That is to say, the deliberates hitting
Of one’s body against another.
Its heads up hockey at all times,
And knowing where your teammates
And the opposing team’s players are.
Watching and circling, always moving—never standing still,
Ready to rush down in unison on a break out pass.
Over the boards players jump on and off as the game progresses,
Celebrating when a teammate scores,
To the cheers and elation of the home team fans, —
Followed by the crowd’s subdued reaction and team disappointed,
When the visitors chalk a point on the scoreboard.
Hockey is considered the fastest game in the world!

The game in refereed by people dressed in a zebra shirts,
Black stripes on white wearing black pants.
A red band placed on the arms indicates the referee;
And the others are linesmen.
Armed with whistles they officiate the game
Enforcing the rules: calling penalties, offsides and icings;
And other infractions all written in a rule book!
The speed is lightning fast, the roars are deafening,
And the officials eyes are all over the place,
Focused,—following the play and player shenanigans.
Arms are raised to indicate delayed whistles,
And flopped around side to side to wave them off;
And pointed at individuals who have incurred a rule violation.
Once a penalty is called the player heads over to the penalty box,
And not allowed to step on the ice for a short time duration,
While the penalized team plays shorthanded.
Then there’s the referee circle which means “Stay out!”
Where sometimes players can be seen mewling about.
Skirmishes occur frequently, combatants crash to the ice:
Tripped, off balance or simply just too exhausted to skate;
Changing shifts, screaming and shorting the bench.
Rivalries are created, and playoffs fought,
In the quest for the Stanley Cup, the Holy Grail
Of the National Hockey League, the NHL;
The oldest sport trophy awarded,
To a franchise team in professional sports,
For success!

Final thoughts

As we have seen, lacrosse has a rich history and is an integral part of the lives of many people. Not only do these lacrosse poems convey the love of this sport beautifully but also bring out the emotions when you read them. Hopefully reading these poems will motivate you to go outside and play!

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