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11+ Fun Poems About Pizza That You Will Like

Last Updated: January 21, 2023

There’s no doubt that pizza is one of the most loved foods in the world. It’s simple, tasty and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. But if you’re looking for something special, then you should check out pizza poems. These poems are written about pizza and use it as an inspiration tool to talk about different aspects of life. From love to relationships, from work to school, from sadness to happiness – pizza poems can cover it all!

1. Cold Pizza – Kary Cabrera

My pizza, so precious and delicious,
The flavor that ignites me with hope and optimism
The warmth that comforts and soothes my roaring hunger
Just by thinking about it filled me with enlightenment
Would I reach Nirvana?
Was I in heaven?
The pizza that could abolish all malevolence from the world
Was placed before me, almost daunting
Power dripped from my mouth, fear augmented within me
The initial hope and content I had felt slowly dwindled
Someone had touched my pizza
The pizza, once warm, was cold and desolate
Everything was meaningless now

2. Don’t Touch My Pizza – Kettle

I’m a diva
For pizza-
Fast as a chee-tah
To grab the last piece-uh.
I say “bye-bye Felicia”
To my poor little pizza.
When I go see the Giza
Or to Micronesia
I bring me some pizza
(But skip the margarita)
To eat before I sleep-uh.
But my close friend Elisa,
Who looks like Mona Lisa,
Begs for my pizza.
Then I have an idea
To give her Velveeta.
She says “No, Maria!”
And goes to the freez-ah
To get frozen pizza.
Then by way of Visa
I buy some more pizza
At the pizzeria.
I pet my zebra
Until I hear my door ring-ah
And get my fresh pizza
Delivered by Theresa.

3. About Pizza – Jack D Serna

Pizza–the only I want to poor my feelings onto
Because when I think of its filling capacity–
Its carb-heavy, fat drenched, and sugary-savory goodness–
I honor the people who continue the artisanal craft.

Pizza–it’s the food for all hungers.
It fills you with energy when you’re high,
Just after a win with a cheery, rowdy gang of five.
It’s the traditional topping on the pie.

Pizza–All and everything, when the time calls.
When the emptiness cannot be filled,
Let it be filled with years of associations.
All in good company, Pizza, my best friend.

So I met a new person today–quiet and resourceful,
She was counting her inventory,
Solving a problem set or learning a new trick.
I barged in while she put aside her life for mine.

She said, “What may you have, sir?”
“A medium with pepperoni,” I said, “and linguica, please”.
That was all that’s said as she carried on her fees.
“That’ll be $18.05,” and a shot of guilt charged me.

Pizza, though poor my feelings how expensive the taste!
When, just then, she collected the money
The pizza was all too simply done and I was on my way.
I was the one left, saying, ” Well, enjoy your weekend!”

But as I drove and the pizza aromatized,
Neither she nor I were free from capitalized.
A self-disciplined pizza artist, stripped of her dough,
Like the boy who made chocolate with a molinillo.

4. For The Pizza! – Audrea

This is for the times when nothing else seemed right.
The dark times, when the fridge was empty and it was night.
Oh the sadness, my tummy calls out!
It screams and rumbles but does not shout.
My mother calls, there is a monster deep down in there.
I call out asking where.
It speaks to me, I am here, FEED ME!
Calm yourself, I plead, for now have some tea.
Father will be here soon,
But I fear I may swoon.
The seconds tick by.
What else can I try?
I chew on some gum,
Turn the radio on and hum,
Was that the car?
I look outside and in the sky is a star.
I can smell it from here,
My mouth waters, bring it here!
The cheasy, gooey goodness, pepperoni, mushrooms and more, The Dr. Pepper, and napkins galore!
Nine slices for three,
That is my siblings and me.
I take my gum out,
No longer will my tummy pout.
I take a bite……
Gum was a bad idea, my tastebuds put up a fight.
Dr. Pepper for now,
The bubbles go kapow!
Guess I’ll have to wait,
Just as my toung did state.
No more gum before dinner,
Or tongue is the winner.

5. Let’s Make Some Pizza – Nursery Rhyme

Let’s make some pizza
(Don’t be shy)
We’re making pizza
(Come and try!).

Let’s make some pizza
(For me and you)
We’re making pizza
(And Mom helps too!).

Roll out some dough
(go go go)
Spread out the sauce
(of course!)
And put on the cheese
(yes please)
Then wack on some ham
(yeah man!).

Let’s make some pizza
(Don’t be shy)
We’re making pizza
(pizza pie!).

Mum turn on the oven
(watch it cook)
I think the pizza’s ready
(let’s take a look).

We’ve made some pizza
(Try a slice)
We’ve made some pizza
(mmm it’s nice!).

Eating pizza – so much fun
Eating pizza – yum yum yum.

6. Go get me pizza that they do not sell – Michael Kusi

My cousin came to my house
And stayed after Thanksgiving
I thought that Thanksgiving food was enough
Boy, was I wrong.
He woke me up at noon
At noon.
Didn’t he know I had to sleep off the Thanksgiving meal?
And he said
As if I should have known.
Could you get me the cheeseburger pizza salad slice?
I replied, From where?
Who would have such a concoction?

But I knew him.
He would be the type
To ask for a cheesy gordita crunch taco from Burger King
And look at their confusion with his own puzzlement.
Then when they told him, we don’t serve that.
He would reply, It’s okay, I have the recipe
I can tell you how it is made.
So I get up and put on my coat.
And gloves.
Because I don’t want grease all over me
And start to walk.

And just my luck
The first snow of the season starts.
Not heavy enough for me to turn back
Just enough snow to turn it into an experience
That made me wish I would have slept upstairs
In the closet
So my cousin could not find me.
Its like the Making the Band 2 show
When Puff Daddy tells them
That he wants cheesecake in a different borough.
So I guess my cousin’s Puffy now.
He said he was into producing….

I get to the pizza place
And tell them what my cousin wants
But it took me three tries to get it all out.
They said, I’m sorry, but we don’t have the cheeseburger pizza salad slice
But we have the chicken pizza salad slice
I said Good enough
I’m sure my cousin would be happy
I would regret those words I brought the pizza home.
And told him that I got it.
He seemed happy
Until he saw that the meat was chicken
Not cow.

He asked me
Had the audacity to ask
Couldn’t they remove the chicken
And put hamburger meat?
I tried to tell him, That is not how it works
They don’t respect your recipes
They have their own
What is the difference?
He then pointed at the pizza and said
Chicken goes on burgers
It does not go on pizza!
I was stunned into silence
By that logic
I don’t know how cheeseburger and pizza go together.
I told him I would eat it for lunch
So at least one of us was satisfied.
The other had his own ideas
But couldn’t find a store to cook them.

More poems you may like:

7. Pizza Lovin’ – Camryn Noell

Pizza Love
Pizza, Please?
I Love All Pizza
Sausage ,Pepperoni, Or Cheese

Pizza Love
Its Forever
In My Heart
It Makes Life Better

Pizza Love
Pizza, Please?
Sausage, Pepperoni, and Cheese.

8. The Pizza Life – Crystal Camaro

I make pizza everyday,
It always turns out okay.
I throw dough on every shift,
I guess that’s just my natural gift.
Whenever I feel down,
I remember we make the best pizza in town,
And when I eat a slice of pizza,
every single time,
I know that I will be just fine,
‘Cause my co-workers are the best,
We put pizza to the test!
Pizza’s good no matter what,
Even when it’s left uncut.

9. Man, Pizza Is Just Great – LexieR

Man, pizza is just great
Like its really really good
Like nothing you could ever do would be like your first bite of pizza
Except maybe a litter of puppies
Not eating the puppies, you monster
But snuggling with them and letting them play on you
But back to pizza
The soft warmth that it emits from its cardboard coffin
Like it’s alive, which is also kind of terrible because you’re about to eat it
The immediate satisfaction that comes with the first bite
Then the little guilt that you push down with more pizza
Because you deserve to eat that slice of pizza
You are an amazing human that deserves all pizza
Pizza that you can put anything on top of
Like pepperoni, cheese, mushrooms, and anchovies
Except for pineapple, some things can but shouldn’t go on pizza Man, pizza is just great

10. Pizza Again – Harold r Hunt Sr

Pizza again
The turkey was placed on the table.
Pies in the oven baking.
The football game on tv.
Grandma yells “dinner on”
Went all of a sudden the turkey is gone. Can’t be found nowhere.
The back door was open, but no one was there.
When grandpa yells pizza again!
There was no Thanksgiving dinner this night.
For the dogs on the corner had a joy.
While we sat and gave blessing for the pizza boy
It’s pizza thanksgiving not turkey this year.

11. P-I-Z-Z-A – Lovangelic

(Sing to the tune of B-I-N-G-O by Scout Songs)

There was a farmer, he had some food,
and pizza was it’s name-o.
And pizza was it’s name-o.

There was a farmer, he had some food,
and pizza was it’s name-o.
(clap the P) I-Z-Z-A
(clap the P) I-Z-Z-A
(clap the P) I-Z-Z-A
And pizza was it’s name-o.

There was a farmer, he had some food,
And pizza was it’s name-o.
And pizza was it’s name-o.

There was a farmer, who had some food,
And pizza was it’s name-o.
And pizza was it’s name-o.

There was a farmer, who had some food,
And pizza was it’s name-o.
And pizza was it’s name-o.
There was a farmer, who had some food,
And pizza was it’s name-o.
And pizza was it’s name-o.

Final thoughts

With the popularity of pizza, it’s no wonder that poets have taken notice. Pizza is a food that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and cultures. It is versatile and affordable, making it a popular choice for both casual and formal occasions. Whether you’re in the mood for something savory or sweet, there’s a pizza out there for you. So next time you’re feeling poetic, why not pen a few lines about everyone’s favorite food?

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