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7 Best Poems About Community to Understand Our Society

Last Updated: September 5, 2022

There’s something special about being part of a community – it’s a sense of togetherness that is difficult to find in the world outside. Whether it’s families, friends, or neighborhoods, poems about community remind us that there are people out there who care about us and want the best for us. Even in the darkest times, they provide hope for a better future. In these poems about community, writers explore the bonds that we create and the feelings of connectedness and camaraderie that we feel when we’re together.

1. Community by John Donne

Good we must love, and must hate ill,
For ill is ill, and good good still ;
But there are things indifferent,
Which wee may neither hate, nor love,
But one, and then another prove,
As we shall find our fancy bent.

If then at first wise Nature had
Made women either good or bad,
Then some wee might hate, and some choose ;
But since she did them so create,
That we may neither love, nor hate,
Only this rests, all all may use.

If they were good it would be seen ;
Good is as visible as green,
And to all eyes itself betrays.
If they were bad, they could not last ;
Bad doth itself, and others waste ;
So they deserve nor blame, nor praise.

But they are ours as fruits are ours ;
He that but tastes, he that devours,
And he that leaves all, doth as well ;
Changed loves are but changed sorts of meat ;
And when he hath the kernel eat,
Who doth not fling away the shell?

2. A Pillar Of The Community by Martin O’Neill

Three hundred and twenty years in the making.
Lovers have met
Battles been fought, won and lost
And the afternoon heat
Has been endured here.
The King of the castle triumphed-
And was duly deposed here
Armies seen off
Defenders overwhelmed.
An enemy base
A home sanctuary.
Hitching post
Rendezvous, spaceship and monkey bars
Oh, and cuckoos have been heard here.
Countless hands, feet and tired posteriors have left their mark.
And it has left a mark in my heart, here.
The old tree trunk in the park.

3. My Caring Community by Peter Bodo Ong’aro

My caring community

You have always catered for me

You have nursed me

Clothed, fed and sheltered me.  

You have been given generously

To cater for my needs

And the general community

Within my means you have lived.  

People run away from me

But you have always stood by me

Hard times have cropped up though

You find it difficult to hold on.  

You find it hard to stand by me

Because the generosity is dwindling

People no longer give generously

For you to cater for my special needs.  

The hard times have made you turn away

You even threaten to close down Institutions of my rehabilitation and education

Because nothing is forthcoming.  

You forget that the institutions were built

For my sake

Changing them for other programmes

Will prove that you actually do not care for me.  

While I was fruitful you stood by me

Now that I am no longer providing

You are shying away from me

My caring community why have you forsaken me.  

Why should I carry the cross

For the sins I have not committed

You have always benefited

At my expense

My caring community why have you forsaken me.

4. Do You Live In A Community by Francis Duggan

Do you live in a community where you feel you do not belong
Where your bond to those who live in close proximity to say the least not strong
You do not attend community meetings and you not many wish to know
And you only get a blank stare when to some you say hello?
You feel most of this is your own fault you choose things to be this way
And for not being part of the community there is some price to pay
That if you feel like a stranger that’s the way you choose it to be
Shyness to you can be a disadvantage that’s how it does seem to me
Do you live in a community where you are an almost unknown
Where an aura of anonymity around you has only grown
In the previous town you lived in you too felt a stranger there
And you will feel like an outsider when you move on to live elsewhere
Since you came to live in this town one friend you did not gain
And since you feel like an outsider as an outsider you’ll remain.

5. The Community by Vera Sidhwa

I needed you and you were there.
You helped so many unaware.
Community, you’re my favorite way,
To work, celebrate and play.

To work is your major goal,
But together in an effort major.
I believe in you community.
You are absolutely believable.

Working in a community is wonderful.

6. The Tiny Little Community by Yazzy Nixon

The river flows courses its way through time,
Leaving behind little dry spots and small puddles.
Have you ever noticed?
The continuing trials of life flowing through the rock bound substance.
Fish constructing more fish,
Tiny tadpoles swiggling behind the weeds.
Dragonflies hopping across the waters,
Making ripples forever bound.
And oh, how those ripples just keep on going.
Getting bigger and bigger.
Water bugs skittering from one end to the other.
The shores silently clashing with the waves.

The modest community I watch from the bridge everyday,
How alike we are in our ways.

7. Community As An Identity by Nur Meiyati

Keep staying with us as we are a large community
You will have an identity
You will get love, warm applaud and fame
In our brotherhood we will show our strength no one can claim
Do you know, your leaving hurt our pride
As you dare to abandon the best, the most resourceful and the only one that is true as a guide
It shows that you are feeble
Easy to get influenced and cannot stand strong
The rest is: you are a traitor and can be dangerous

Thank you for your CONCERN, brothers and sisters
I know you have a large number of members as many as one big nation
I am only one of millions
Just like one sand in the sandy beach….meaningless
So why don’t you just take care of your community?
Love them, take care of them, and never give up helping them
Don’t harm each other, don’t abuse each other, and don’t kill each other
Never wait till they leave the community you are proud of
That will make you mad

You asked me: aren’t you afraid of the hell when you die?
And what way will the funeral of your corpse be carried out?
Dear brothers and sisters
When I was born, I came out from my mom’s womb, alone
And I will also be alone when I die
Only I me and myself will harvest and be responsible for what I have planted
So why do you think I need a religion community as my identity?

Final thoughts

We human are social creatures. We need each other to survive and thrive. Each individual exists for the community, but as a whole, the community support us all. I hope you’ve understand more about community through the poems, as well as having a good time reading poetry.

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