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6 Most Unique Poems About Personality

Last Updated: September 23, 2022

Personality is the source of uniqueness of an individual, no two persons have the same personality. Good looks are nice and all, but they can’t be compared to a great personality. These poems about personality, hopefully, can remind you that your personality is what matters the most if you ever get too concerned about personal appearance.

1. My Personality, Defined Only By Me by Adrienne Clark Strachn

Ask me what’s my sign,
I will tell you, I am more than a sign
I am a blend of personalities and people
that make up all the unique qualities that
define me.
I am like Nancy Wilson
melodramatic, story teller thru song
Queen Latifah
full bodied, proud, but not afraid to say
losing a full pounds would not hurt
Characteristics of, Maya Angelou
Poetic, resourceful, seasoned with essence
but defined by my own unique creativity,
A little like, Mary J Blidge, can understand
a woman’s feeling of joy and pain
A lot like Shirley Ceasar, a person who loves to
worship Jesus, while giving you a quote from the Good Book
Jill Scott, a lovely smile, distinct style and personality
and will remember, it’s important to take a ‘Long Walk, With My Man’
I possess all these positive qualities
and if I just told you my sign,
you would have judged me the wrong way…..
‘ No Labels for me Please’

2. Split Personality by Ramona Thompson

Losing time
Hearing her voice
In my head
All the time
Don’t wanna believe it
But I’m afraid that it’s true
Burying myself deep under the covers at night
Still I can’t escape from my….

Split personality
Am I one or am I two?
Can’t decide
Am I me or am I her?
This wicked voice inside guiding me
Scares me
More then words can say
In this song I wrote just about her
The other woman alive and kicking inside my head
My split personality

Wanna be normal
Really I do
But God I swear I don’t think that I can be
As long as she’s sticking around
Always telling me what to do
Who to be
Even who I can sleep with
Driving me insane
Cos I just can’t get her opinion out of my mind

Deep down inside
I know
There’s got to be something wrong
When half the time I can’t remember
Where I’m been or who I’m been with
Got me asking a million questions
Finding zero answers
As she goes on
Laughing inside my head
I wonder if I will ever be free of this

On a rollercoaster ride
My life going back and forth
Up and down
Without explanation
So afraid to tell
They’ll all just think we’re crazy
That’s what she tells me
Making plans for our future
Always together
Always forever to share the misery of our….

3. Person And Personality by Deepak Kumar Pattanayak

At my mirror I stare
Ask who is this person?
And what is this person?
The one that me back stares
Nice, honest, a loving person
Is that who I am in this house
The same?, I walk out of the house
That turns to someone different

The person in me is independent
But not independent is the personality
Though both are not different entities
Personality is a knower
Personality is a desirer
Personality is a doer
Personality is a dreamer
Involved in role-playing
And in employing these powers
While independent of them
Is the person fair

It’s a simple being, pure
Beautiful and full
While personality is hurtful
Creating all the problems
It’s nothing
But a collection of in-built reactions

Let me cite an example
Here is a man who has had
With his wife a quarrel
With a bang he shuts the door
Comes out of the house with no cheer
Yet the way he shuts
Reveals that the husband is still there
Though he has left his wife dear

And this is husband’s hangover
A role rolling over unto a person
Until he arrives at his office
The husband is still there
One role overlapping the other
Resulting in a build-up of reactions
Crystallizing unto a personality
Made up of leftover reactions
Such as anger, jealousy, hatred
Frustration and so on

4. Personality by James Lionel Michael

“Death is to us change, not consummation.”
Heart of Midlothian.

A change! no, surely, not a change,
   The change must be before we die;
Death may confer a wider range,
   From pole to pole, from sea to sky,
It cannot make me new or strange
   To mine own Personality!

For what am I? — this mortal flesh,
   These shrinking nerves, this feeble frame,
For ever racked with ailments fresh
   And scarce from day to day the same —
A fly within the spider’s mesh,
   A moth that plays around the flame!

THIS is not I — within such coil
   The immortal spirit rests awhile:
When this shall lie beneath the soil,
   Which its mere mortal parts defile,
THAT shall for ever live and foil
   Mortality, and pain, and guile.

Whatever Time may make of me
   Eternity must see me still
Clear from the dross of earth, and free
   From every stain of every ill;
Yet still, where-e’er — what-e’er I be,
   Time’s work Eternity must fill.

When all the worlds have ceased to roll,
   When the long light has ceased to quiver
When we have reached our final goal
   And stand beside the Living River,
This vital spark — this loving soul,
   Must last for ever and for ever.

To choose what I must be is mine,
   Mine in these few and fleeting days,
I may be if I will, divine,
   Standing before God’s throne in praise, —
Through all Eternity to shine
   In yonder Heaven’s sapphire blaze.

Father, the soul that counts it gain
   To love Thee and Thy law on earth,
Unchanged but free from mortal stain,
   Increased in knowledge and in worth,
And purified from this world’s pain,
   Shall find through Thee a second birth.

A change! no surely not a change!
   The change must be before we die;
Death may confer a wider range
   From world to world, from sky to sky,
It cannot make me new or strange
   To mine own Personality!

5. Her Personality? Her Identity? by Jodie Louise Pollock

There it is, all of it.
Gone, and never ever coming back, ever.
It felt like she was throwing away her most prized possession.
She wondered what the new one would be like?
Obviously nothing like the old one, she knew that.
No one liked the bubbly, friendly, sweet girl inside her.
Instead they wanted her to be a boring serious woman with no fun in her life,
If that’s what you could even call it – a life.
She never understood why her family never liked her personality,
It was who she was, what made her, her identity.
But now they’d changed her.
Her friends never realized the change in her, as while with them she pretended nothing was different and tried to act as normal as before.
To them she was still the girl who found the funny side of everything and the girl who always had a smile on her face.
She wasn’t though, it was all an act, for she no longer felt the warm glow deep inside her when she saw the smiling faces of her friends and family, no, now she felt a dark hatred feeling like something was missing or lost,
And to find it she must find herself, her true identity.
What was her true identity? The question stuck midway on her tongue.
Never to be spoken, yet never to disappear.

6. My Original Personality by Star Dust

My lips are always moving,
Silently repeating the lyrics of a song,
As I stare off into the distance
His face becomes clearer
An old friend, an old lover
And I forget what my friend’s telling me
I wish I could go back
To the time it was easy
To the time when I loved everyone and everyone loved me
To the time when I didn’t second-guess myself
When I didn’t worry about what I wore
About what I looked liked or what I thought was cool
But it’s coming back
My original personality
And the person who’s genuinely, truly me.

Final thoughts

So that’s some of the best poems on personality. Good looks don’t last, but personality will stick with you when you grow old and gray eventually. Don’t forget that.

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