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8 Poems About Respect Worth Paying Attention To

Last Updated: November 6, 2022

Respect is something that is often taken for granted. We often show respect to others without thinking, and sometimes we forget how important it is. Respect is one of the most fundamental building blocks of a healthy relationship. These poems about respect explore the importance of this virtue in our lives.

1. Respect by Herbert Nehrlich

All creatures deep inside are quite aware
that it’s the heart and, with it, its sweet beat
only its never-ending flutter lets us share
a bit of time upon this planet, where we meet
so many creatures and, above all real humans
who all do strive to stay as long as they’re allowed
they fiddle with their health and look at cardiac lumens
and hope the gods remember what the sheep have vowed.

There is a little thing that’s often mentioned
it does concern our interpersonal communication
no matter, highly motivated or so well-intentioned
it’s what may make us give enough consideration
to one small word, and that is, vaguely, called respect.
Respect for the law
and for Ma and Pa,
for the crooked Police
for Canadian geese,
for the Judges and Preachers
and for needlework teachers
for the butchers and bakers
and the skilled coffinmakers,
for the nurses and bitches
and burglars and snitches
for all druggies and whores
and the owners of stores
thus, the list could continue
to a different venue
but suffice it to say
that respect is not play
and it can’t be demanded
or delivered and handed
against payment of gold
no, respect can’t be sold.

If your heart can take care
of necessities, bare
you can use all your time
to prepare and to climb
’til you reach Peak Respect
where you’ll sit and reflect
and look inside your mind
where you possibly find
in the tangle of nerve
the respect you deserve.

2. I Respect… by Joe Fazio

I respect, another mans religion, or color or creed.
I respect, and follow, the will of my maker.
I respect, the truth, no matter how unpopular.

I respect, a good work ethic.
I respect, the values on which this country was founded.
I respect, those who would champion the under privileged.
I respect, those of differences, who seek common ground.

I respect, the concept of monogamy.
I respect, those faithful to principal.
I respect, change, that is for the better.
I respect, an honest days work.

I respect, the great talents of the entertainment world.
I respect, thought provoking works, of the written word.
I respect, the unquenchable thirst of creativity.
I respect, the farmers and workers that toil in the field.

I respect, the good in man.
I respect, the virtue in woman.
I respect, the innocence of children.
I respect, the generosity of mankind.

Most of all…I respect the maker of
life and the love, that each of us
have within us.

3. Sonnet: Respect by Dr. John Celes

Respect your elders all if they deserve;
Respect your servants too who you well serve;
Respect your father for tilling the soil;
Respect your mother for her love and toil.

Respect all teachers who gave you knowledge;
Respect your friend who saved you from the ledge;
Respect all good minds who advised you good;
Respect the man of God who gave soul’s food.
Respect all strangers who were all Godsends;
Respect your foes who taught you self-defense;
Respect those evil men who you troubled;
Respect the tempter who well you misled.

Respect your conscience which tells you what’s right;
Respect your God who is your Friend and Guide.

4. Respect by David Harris

If we can not respect another
How can we expect them to respect us
If we can not respect someone’s beliefs
How can we expect them to respect ours
If we can not respect another’s race
How can we expect that race to respect us
If we can not respect others
How can we expect respect in return

Everyone expects respect
No matter who they are
The only way to gain it
Is to start treating everyone
As a friend, a brother, a sister
As part of our extended family
No matter what colour or creed they are
Only then you will start to get
The respect you so dearly crave

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5. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. by Evangeline

Respect is rarely given to those who demand
It’s a thing best described as something well earned
By the way you treat others; lend an ear or a hand
Or by living your life through lessons hard-earned

Lift up your brother, your friend and your foe
Stand by their side; don’t hover above
Respect, freely given, is a seed that will grow
Returned with a smile, with honor and love

Slander your neighbor with whispered campaign
Cast the first stone with a glint in your eye
Boast of your triumphs, possessions and gain
The respect that you covet will soon pass you by

Be quietly humble of blessings received
You throw them away when thrown in someone’s face
Be honored of all that you’ve worked to achieve
Reap what you’ve sown but with pride in its place

Take pleasure and joy in the life that you’ve earned
Let ego stay dormant on discarded shelf
See all with your heart; opened eyes that discern
Respect can be gained by respecting yourself

6. Respect by Don Wilson

Respect is a lesson that everyone should learn
Respect must be given before an expected return
Respect is something that’s given for free
Respect is about us and never about me
Respect is the basis on which relationships are founded
Respect is the anchor that keeps a person well grounded
Respect builds the character and defines who we are
Respect sets the standard and raises the bar
Respect is magnanimous and helps to fulfill
Respect is the partner that sits with good will
Respect is like honey so sweet it’s perceived
Respect a taste to savor for when it’s received

7. Respecting Yourself by Sandra Juanita Nailing

If you want respect from others, you have to respect yourself.
This respect will go far, more than any wealth.
When people have respect for you; you will excel.
They will protect you, knowing you will not fail.
Having respect for yourself, will be seen by people around.
They will join in to help, so your talents will be found.
If you fail to respect yourself, no need to look for assistance.
Because of not caring, you’ll receive all forms of resistance.
If you respect yourself, you’ll be careful about the way you wear your clothes.
People are constantly checking you out, from your head to your toes.
Do you think you’ll get respect, if your hair is wild and out of line?
People are going to think that you have lost your mind.
Do you think you’ll get respect with your pants hanging off you hips?
Since it looks so disrespectful, people think you have flipped.
Do you think you’ll get respect, if your mouth is not clean?
Then you will began to wonder, why aren’t people seen?

8. Respect by Unknown Author

Respect has no face, no color, no race,
It should be given to everyone by everyone.
Respect should not require one to divert from their own morals and values,
It should not depend on your amount of income or the type of job that you have.
Respect should not depend on the amount of friends you have,
Respect should not depend on your social status.
It should not depend on your appearance.
Respect should not depend on the amount of shortcomings in your life, for we all have fallen short at some point.
Respect should not depend on whether or not you have a significant other,
Respect should not depend on whether you are talented or not.

Respect is accepting people for who they are;
It is treating everyone fairly, regardless of who they are.
Respect is loving everyone as you would want to be loved,
Respect is making sure that people always know how special they are, for we are all special in our own way.
Respect is lifting people up and celebrating each and every life,
It is saying “thank you”, “excuse me”, and “your welcome”,
Respect is being the shoulder for someone to cry on as you would want a shoulder in your time of need.

Respect is what the world needs in order to survive in these hard times:
Respect is the key.
Respect each other, respect each other, respect each other.

Final thoughts

Respect is an important value that should be taught to children at a young age. Respect is shown in many ways, including listening and understanding others, valuing differences, and being polite. Parents can help their children learn respect by setting a good example and talking about the importance of respect. Have you talked to your child about respect? Share this post with them!

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