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9 Encouraging Poems About Waiting For Love

Last Updated: October 21, 2022

True love is worth the wait. Don’t forget that, don’t ever forget that. You neither have to force it, nor rush it. You see, love is precious but it is also rare. And so, if you’re struggling right now, I hope that these 9 poems about waiting for love will give you the encouragement that you need.

1. Patiently Waiting by James Richmond Jr.

My heart is set, on that glorious day.
When your work is done, and you’re home to stay.
I’ll be waiting right here, with open arms.
To hold you close, and keep you warm.
I’ll squeeze you gentle, but hold you tight.
And kiss you all over, when the time is right.
I’ll express my love, so you know it’s true.
There’s nothing on earth, I would not do for you.
Because you’re the one, you’re one-of a kind.
I’m proud to be able, to call you mine.
What a expression, on your face,
when I pulled the ring, out of the case.
And I took your hand, then dropped to my knees.
And said honey please, will you marry me.
Like wind in wildfire , my love is spreading fast,
Growing stronger and stronger, as each day pass.
I’ve waited very patiently, but now you’re home.
Let’s make up the time, that you were gone.

2. Waiting For Your Return by Charlene Khuah

never did you tell me
you were leaving me.

left me in one month,
waited for months.

alone sitting in this room,
so dark.
so alone.

crying my heart out
while waiting,
waiting for your return.

hoping you could feel
the tears that come down,
hoping you could see
my shattered heart.

sewing every piece back
never leaving me
without telling me
once more.

hoping for your quick return,
bringing us back together
once more.

3. Waiting Out A Relationship by Chrystal Starkey

You said that you loved me
And I said that I loved you.
We are not together anymore
But boy I wish we were.
Because its killing me now.

My heart is falling apart,
I don’t know what to do
All I can do is think about you.

I asked you not to get attach with another girl,
but it looks like you already started to.
My mind is telling me to go left,
but my heart is saying to go right.
And it’s all confusing me to.

You told me two years ago that your heart
belongs to me and mine belongs to you.
But the real question is will that ever be true?

We let things get in our way,
we let people get between us,
and now I wish that it wasn’t that way.
All we can do now is wait and see what happens.
But the question is, will I ever be able to wait for you?

4. Waiting For True Love by Krixan

Is it true that patience is everything?
That there is happiness in waiting?
They say it’s just a matter of timing,
No one knows when true love is coming.

My life’s been challenged by heavy rains,
My heart’s been through a lot of pains,
My eyes shed too much tears,
Been in circumstances I thought I couldn’t bear.

Sometimes I’m fooling myself telling I’m numb,
But every time I’m doing it I feel so dumb,
Coz my heart’s screaming telling it’s a lie,
The truth is I’m hurt and I wanna die.

After all the heartaches and the tears,
After all the searching through the years,
A must now end this try-and-error-thing,
I’ll continue believing but I’ll stop expecting.

I’ve been in different places searching,
But until now I’m still here hoping,
Guess I should believe what other people say,
True love’s the one that will find it’s way.

It’s not that I’m closing all my doors,
I’ll just allow fate to take its course,
Coz I already did everything for love,
I think waiting is the only option I have.

Now I see love’s not a hide-and-seek game,
You have to wait until it came,
Coz no matter how hard we try to fight for someone,
It’s useless if he is not the real one.

5. Waiting For Your Love by Mazher Sheikh

Love is strong, love is true.
I’m waiting for it, longing for you.
The moon smiles, I see your name in the stars
But, I can’t read it, it’s still too far.

Destiny holds me in the palm of her hand,
I need relief from this hot burning sand.
I want to hold you, feel your touch,
I’ve waited so long, this is all too much.

Sweetness abides in the clouds up above,
Carry me there on the wings of your love.
The warmth that comes from the one you love so,
In the dead of winter can make flowers grow.

I have a treacherous road to travel,
Before the mysteries of life I unravel.
But, you’ll be with me forever, love in my heart,
Til the day we meet and from there never part.

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6. I’ll Wait by Lucia

This heartache I just can’t explain,
All I ever feel is pain,
That passion I long for true love for real,
His gentle caressing what I long to feel,
A love that when we are together
we’d rather die than be apart,
A love that when our lips meet
I can feel the kiss from his heart.
I’ll wait forever to have this special love,
I’ll even wait for all eternity in the heavens above,
All this waiting for him may cause me pain and strife,
But I’ll wait, because this love comes once in a life.

7. I Miss You by Anonymous

Baby, I never knew I could miss you so much,
I never thought that this would happen,
Two years I have to wait,
believe me, baby, I sit here and cry,
every night,
I miss you so much,
wish you would come back,
and hold me in your arms,
I will sit here, everyday,
I will wait for you,
I will wait for your love,
please hurry, baby,
I miss you so much.

8. Waiting For You by Anonymous

Distant places, far apart, for you waiting.
So hard, but it’s okay, I keep thinking.
I can hear the sounds of your guffawing.
You, in my heart, I see and keep smiling,
I love our cute little fights, silly above all.
You winsome smile is my happy call,
It pains when you turn a blind eye to me,
Darkness, in that moment, is all I see.
Your caress is like a fragrant blue hyacinth,
With you, I can lead my life, a labyrinth,
Depths of ocean, contained in our love,
With the serenity and purity of a dove,
So, for you, I wait, like I ever always do.
Come for me and I can pull through,
For I am incomplete without “YOU”.

9. I Will Wait a Lifetime for You by Anonymous

You hide behind your feelings
and keep the truth locked away,
but there is so much said
in the things you don’t say

You innocently tell me
our time has come and gone
and that we can’t go back
but I don’t believe it
and this time you’re wrong The distance you put
between us
is nothing more than time lost;
a place for your feelings to hide,
yet I can hear the love in your voice
each time we talk My patience has no end
when it comes to loving you
and I will wait a lifetime
for you to see the truth Real love doesn’t go away
it doesn’t fade into the past,
it goes on forever
and always finds its way back I will wait a lifetime
for you
because you are my soul,
and behind all of your doubt
I know you can’t let go You are my soul,
and I am yours, too.
If two people were ever meant to be,
it’s me and you.

Final thoughts

Now you’ve read the poems about waiting for love. You know that true love will show up when you’re ready for it. It will happen when you’re least expect of it. And it will change your life, forever.

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