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22 Beautiful Poems for Aunts – The Second Mothers

Last Updated: October 10, 2022

Whether you are close to our aunties or have only seen them occasionally, these poems about aunts might offer a way to show your love to them. In honor of all the amazing aunties out there, we’ve compiled a list of poems about them. Whether you’re feeling sentimental or just want to celebrate their unique qualities, hopefully, these poems will touch your soul.

1. For My Aunt by Angie M. Flores

My aunt is to me the greatest person in this world,
one of a kind and one in a million.

She has the biggest heart with the most caring touch,
which she shares with so many of us.

Her soul is made of pure love,
yet she’s worth way more than gold.

In my eyes, she will always be,
the most beautiful person to walk the earth.

To me she’s the smartest woman I know,
and it truly does show.

There is no one that compares to her,
no one that even comes close.

I appreciate all the advise she has given me,
I take it in with immense gratitude.

The memories I will forever cherish,
for they are priceless.

For all she has done, I will forever be thankful,
and my love for her only grows more with each day that passes.

On a high pedestal is where I hold her,
for I admire her so much more than she knows.

Having her a part of my life is the greatest gift of all,
being in her presence is God’s blessing to me.

Looking deep inside of her,
I see that strong, wise woman I hope to become.

Giving, helpful, loving, caring, and kind,
is what defines her.

She is not only my favorite Aunt but she is my role model,
and to be like her, would be my only wish.

2. My Auntie by George Naylor

When I was hopeless, you were there.
You picked me up; you showed me care.
Without the love you had for me
God only knows where I would be.

To me, you were a second mom,
a person I drew wisdom from.
In my corner every fight,
you always cared that things were right.

I won’t forget the things you’ve done.
I felt like your adopted son.
Ready now and feeling new,
I couldn’t leave not thanking you.

3. To Auntie by Robert Louis Stevenson

“Chief of our aunts”–not only I,
But all your dozen of nurselings cry–
“What did the other children do?
And what were childhood, wanting you?”

4. Birthday Wishes For My Aunt by Walterrean Salley

Often, we neglect
To tell those dearest,
How much they are appreciated.
But this is the best time
To Share my thoughts.

You are beautiful and special.
Talented and unique.
Deserving of life’s finest.

And for an aunt
Who has filled my life
With smiles and sunbeams—
Because you are so deserving—
I hope that your birthday
Is more than you could dream.

With lots of love
And countless hugs.

5. Aunt, You Mean The World To Me by Anonymous

Days at the beach and hours spent walking
Camping trips and much exploring
Piles of gifts under the tree
Biscuits and a cup of tea
Helping mum when I tire her out
It takes a lot to make you shout
Loving hugs, advice for free
Aunt, you mean the world to me

6. Auntie’s Skirts by Robert Louis Stevenson

Whenever Auntie moves around,
Her dresses make a curious sound,
They trail behind her up the floor,
And trundle after through the door.

7. Auntie by Mindy Brown

Auntie You are like that clanging of pans in the morning
Slightly annoying but a good sign
That someone you love is near and is thinking of you.

Auntie you are like coffee on a rainy day
Warm, nice, and raring for a fight.
Something that all would like
If only they were all as bright as you.

Auntie you are like a band-aid on a cut.
You help cover and protect those in need.
You soothe the pain and tears
And remind me that the scars will fade in time.

Auntie you are like a jalapeño
You act sweet at first and then choke when no one looks.
Which is funny, because you had no need to hide
That you are mean,
Because I know by how you shy away from me
that it is all just a façade of the real you
Which can be seen only in a flash of time
For I know you are as scared of time as I.

Auntie You are like a splash of cold water
You Sit there and tell me
Life is going bad
No lies and no fights
You just let know with you simple words
That your heart is breaking too

Scars may fade
But memories never do
So I will hold you up
Keep you steady and hopeful
But only if you will do me the same
For I believe everyone needs a savior.
Not a God, Just someone to hold on to
While your life goes insane
And I think you agree with me
When I say life can never be this dark and sad
As long as I have you.

8. To The Greatest Aunt by Anonymous

Aunts are made from all things good
They know magic and special things
My aunt taught me to chop firewood
And crochet little things
My aunt makes choc chip cookies
And can roast things on a spit
We adventure in the forest
And camp round a big fire pit

9. My Auntie by Brittany E. Dorn

My Auntie has a special gift
She knows just what to do
To make me happy all the time
And show she loves me too

At Christmas and Thanksgiving
She’s the person I look for
She stays at my house overnight
But I want her to stay for more

I can tell when she’s joking
By the twinkle in her eyes
She’s the best at solving problems
She is patient and she’s wise

She is so creative
With her poetry and crafts
And every time I’m with her
We have a lot of laughs

I will always admire my Auntie
For my whole life you see
Because even though I’m still a kid
She spends so much time with me

10. Dear Aunt by Anonymous

A thousand words would never be enough
To describe how much you mean to us
A million stars in the skies above
Only one aunt can fulfill that love
A special friend so close to the heart
Nothing comes close to our dear aunt

11. To My Auntie Cely by Sonya Florentino

To my Auntie Cely
Who visits my Uncle Lito every week
Without fail
Brings him flowers, a message, a prayer

To my Auntie Cely
Who visits my uncle every week
For how many years now
I’ve lost count-seven, eight, nine?
Long after he was gone

Yes, my Uncle Lito
Who in his waning years
Could hardly remember anyone
Or anything, but her
And in some rare days my cousins

Yes, my Uncle Lito
Whom she visits every week
After church, her Sunday ritual
To let him know she has not forgotten
Bringing him stories of their children
And grandchildren

She speaks to him, sometimes softly sings to him
Is he listening? Does he hear?
Does he even… remember?
It doesn’t matter
She visits him
She sings
She will always forever love him

12. Aunt by Kristina Riggs

She was good aunt to us
She was an angel from heaven
Was good mom and wife
She was kind and nice and sweet
loving aunt who I will miss
With her here was like we
all got a long and everyone
was happy and it was big family
with my aunt She was good
sister and daughter and great
grand daughter
She was good friend and second
mother to us
She was not like other aunts you see
today she was different then others
She was great and loving and caring
and kind and sweet and just good aunt
She was stronger then the other that in
other families
She would have been great grand ma
but she still is great person in our eyes
and she always will be
She was love and she will be miss and she
will be in our hearts always.

13. Dancing In The Wind With Aunt Ana by Sonny Rainshine

‘Lectrical storm,
prophesied my aunt Ana,
All fire and precious little water.

Drum-rolls of thunder
bounced about on the western horizon
like pin-balls.
Ribbony fingers of lightning
pointed toward town.

The wind has caught fire,
shrilled my aunt.
Reach up and douse the wind.

I reached up.
I squeezed the wind.
The wind warmed my hand.

My being is all
birdsongs, wind chimes,
a clarinet in the dark.
Dance with me.

I danced.

14. Wonderful Aunt by Anonymous

A woman such as you,
Is brave, strong and true.
A sister, confidante, and friend,
You are there until the end.
An aunt is like no other,
Being there just like a mother.
So sweet, kind, and caring,
Your love not overbearing.
This is just a thought,
Thank you, my wonderful aunt.

15. My Aunt by Stephanie Souter

Have ever herd of The house on the Block
When i herd it gave a Shock
When You get a chance give it a knock
You can her the old grandfather clock
And one man slowly Walk,
The tick of the door unlock

Opens the door its aunt Theodor
A cheerful rug on the floor
Her bright colors are hard to ignore.

16. My Aunt Rose by Sandra Martyres

She was indeed a special lady
We never forget to raise a toast
In her honour at every family do
She left us at the age of ninety-two

She was in every way very dainty
Even at the ripe old age of ninety
She carried a handbag proudly
Always wore matching shoes

Powder and pearls were a must
A scarf added colour to her dress
Everything had to be perfect
She would not have it otherwise

Amazingly she always sat upright
In her very own high backed chair
And listened with an interested air
Age for her was not a barrier

She loved visiting her kith and kin
Especially if she could get a word in
She doled out plenty of sound advice
In a manner that was quite nice

When Aunt Rose did breathe her last
It was without any kind of warning
She just did not awaken one morning
The family knew what they had to do

Meticulous as she always was
Aunt Rose had left clear instructions
How she was to be dressed and even
Who was to be invited to her funeral

17. My Aunty by David Child

To laugh and smile and have a chat.
Of memories of her life she told –
I know that I’ll ne’r forget that.

18. Love You Auntie by Anonymous

When I was young
We would laugh and play games
And now I know it’s not the same
I am grown and real life has begun
But when I am around you
We still have so much fun
We joke and talk a ton
And I just wish you knew
How much I really love you
I love you, Auntie

19. My Great Aunt Elizabeth by Raymond Farrell

My great aunt Lizzy
Remembered reading about
The Battle of Little Bighorn
In the newspaper
When she was ten
Said it caused
Quite a stir
She was never sick
Hardly a day in her life
Died quietly in her sleep
In 1971
Having seen a man
Land on the moon
In 1969
To be able
To see
Such change
And development
In one life span
Is impressive.

20. My Funky Aunty by Yolandey Breedt

My life as I know it to be
Never have I met someone as great as thee
You so much fun to be around
Knowing u a new way of living I have found

You touch lives all around you
With a greatness pure and true
How blessed I am that the heavens put u in my life
As my wonderful aunty my special angel
One of a kind and a unique kind of magical

Truly u amazing and wonderful all things positive
With a gift to see life in a different prospective

How lucky I am to call u aunty
If I had one word to describe u
It would be u are truly jaunty
I love u endlessly
Words from my heart spoken sincerely
You are my funky aunty.

21. Aunty Carrie by Paul Warren

What quiet times did she have
When she thought of him again
She shed a tear for what was given
As her one love had been stuck down
Gassed on the Western Front
To die from cancer slowly made

And she was left alone to raise alone
Three children struggling through years
That marked her as a poor struggling one
Each day she cleaned and cooked others meals
But in the quiet times she shed her tears
To a man whose duty took him and her best years.

22. Our Auntie Maggie by Stevie Taite

Our Auntie Maggie used to sit
On winter evenings and she’d knit
No sooner was one garment done
She’d go and start another one
Selected from her knitting kit

Preferred to have a candle lit
Refused to hook up to the grid
Her eyes strained. Still she’d not succumb
Our Auntie Maggie

Our Uncle Dave worked down the pit
(That’s mild irony, isn’t it?)
There’d always be a warm bath run
Poor sod, he barely saw the Sun
She loved him so, the silly git
Our Auntie Maggie

Final thoughts

These are not just poems but also a tribute to those amazing aunties who have always been there for us when we needed support and love the most. If you also have a special aunt in your life, then we hope you’ll find something inspiring here as well!

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