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Top 8 Funniest Poems About Superheroes

Last Updated: November 6, 2022

Superheroes are awesome. We all love them, from children to adults. And since this is a website about poetry, I decided to collect some of the best superhero poetry out there.

Now, what criteria that I used to decide which poem is better? Well, since superhero is a lighthearted topic and attracts a lot of young children, I decided to find the funniest ones!

So here are the top 10 funniest poems about superheroes. Enjoy!

1. If I Was a Superhero… by Sally Gray

If I was a superhero
I’d definitely fly.
Arms outstretched
Racing birds in the sky.
If I was a superhero
I’d have special powers
Like extra strong legs
For jumping over towers.
If I was a superhero
I’d save all the oceans
With my secret and magical
Cleaning up potions
If I was a superhero
I’d save all the trees
And the mountains and rivers,
The birds and the bees.
If I was a superhero
I’d help all the poor,
Give them food,
And make them hungry no more.
If I was a superhero
I’m sure you’ll agree
The world would be better
Because of me!

2. Courageous Cath by Unknown Author

Cathy is not a scardy-cat.
She is very brave.
She stands up to bullies with her words,
She makes her voice be heard.

She comes calmly to the rescue,
When she sees a friend in need.
She stands quietly right by their side,
And does very good deeds.

3. Super Boy by Unknown Author

To be a super boy it is said, always start with his smart, round head.

He is quick, he is wise. Draw his mask in front of two dark eyes.

Draw the rest of his face. Our Super Boy can see all the way to outer space!

The hair upon his head is neat and brown. Super Boy is the nicest kid in town!

Now here is the hardest part… Draw his body shooting through the sky like a dart.

Add some legs and arms. Super Boy saves the world and never harms.

For goodness sake! Of course you have to draw his cape in a rectangle shape.

Last draw his belt and boots.
With his amazing flying powers,
Through the sky he shoots!

4. My Superhero, My Dad by Unknown Author

My dad and I have special powers
I bet you didn’t know
And when we are together
Our super powers grow.

I have the gift of flight
To soar and leap and bound.
I can hover in the sky
And never touch the ground.

I am growing stronger too
With each passing hour.
I can even save the day
With my super power.

Dad’s arms help me reach
The things I cannot touch.
His love and guidance carry me
I look up to him so much.

And even when I’m all grown up
I know that I’ll be glad
That I had my own superhero
My best friend, my dad.

5. I’m a superhero! I can… by Richard Graham

I’m a superhero! (Superhero!)
I’m a superhero! (Superhero!)
Super, superhero!

I can jump (I can jump)
I can run (I can run)
I can hide (I can hide)
I can cook (I can cook)

I’m a superhero (Superhero!)
I’m a superhero (Superhero!)
Super, superhero!

I can stretch (I can stretch)
I can climb (I can climb)
I can swim (I can swim)
I can fly (I can fly)

I’m a superhero! (Superhero!)
I’m a superhero! (Superhero!)
Super, superhero!

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6. Steve The Superhero by Unknown Author

He’s Steve the superhero
and you simply won’t believe
the powers he possesses
by merely being Steve.

His smile can crack a mirror
and his breath can make you faint.
And when he takes his socks off
It’s been known to peel the paint

The power in his underarms
can make a grown man cry.
A single burp can make you want
to crawl away and die.

The bad guys know it’s hopeless,
so they all get up and leave
whenever they get wind of him-
the superhero Steve.

7. Superheroes by Devin Lawrence

Superheroes inspire us all,
superheroes make us marvel.
Superheroes are adored
from Beijing to Washington D.C.

But superheroes don’t wear capes,
they wear a ‘96 Olympic shirt
and loose-fitting pants
you would never catch me in.

They don’t have x-ray vision,
they’ve worn glasses
for as long as you remember.
They cannot fly,
and yet they seem larger than life.

They never seem to lie,
and they still say “I love you”
in the exact same way
almost sixty years after they bound it to eternity.

They don’t have super-strength,
but they are your super strength
and they lift you up
until you can do it on your own.

They seem invincible,
but life has a way of reminding you
that even Superman has Kryptonite.

They are stubbornly steady
even when the bill of health
isn’t clean.
Just as they are your strength,
you feel your aching mortality
when you find out
even superheroes get cancer.

Yet somehow,
after their greatest battle is fought,
there they are in all that remains
spreading an unyielding light
upon whoever sees them soaring by.

We wear an “S”, a bat,
or even a spider
to pretend that we are our heroes
and emulate their image;
but I won’t wear that old shirt,
or those terrible, worn-in jeans.
I’ll harness that unbreakable spirit,
and maybe one day
I’ll be a superhero too.

8. If I had met a superhero by Clara

If I had met a superhero
I would have asked them to make the would we live in a better place.
Or I would have probably passed out in front of their face
We would have went on an adventure, just like stargazers
Off to the moon, flying so high and saying goodbye to our haters
We would have spent the night living on Jupiter and Mars.
And woke up shining next the sun
We would have danced with the whales and told them stories,
Or made a toast and shared our glories
We would have united unicorns and aliens,
Threw them a party or possibly a million
But what if meeting heroes never existed,
What if it’s just a movie that has been inscripted
What if this is all a fantasy,
Will I ever return to reality?
Maybe superheroes do exist,
But not dressed as Spiderman, Batman nor Scarlet-witch
They are not necessarily like Hawkeye, Black Panther or Iron Man
Perhaps they are superwomen and men,
Disguised in pretty faces whom we have met
We don’t have to see them to really believe,
We can just close our eyes and continue to dream.

Final thoughts

So that’s all I got for you guys today. These are some of the funniest poems about superheroes that I could find on the internet. Hope you enjoyed the read, and we’ll meet again in other articles.

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