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8 Best Poems About Taj Mahal – The Mausoleum of Love

Last Updated: October 29, 2022

The Taj Mahal is a mausoleum built with ivory-white marble, commissioned by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his favorite wife. It’s an international treasure, and according to UNESCO, “one of the universally admired masterpieces of the world’s heritage.”

The Taj Mahal is a symbol of India’s rich history, and unsurprisingly, many poets wrote about it. In this article, we’re going to read some of the best poems about the Taj Mahal.

1. Taj Mahal by Bharat Trivedi

On a full-moon night,
Taj bathes bare
with immortal grace
in the cool serene waters
softly shining,
like a moonlit dream
carved in white grandeur.

Marbled mausoleum
gathers dust of endless love
of Mughal imperial lovers
and sweet scent of sleeping jasmines
lingers on the calligraphed graves
while pearly dew drops
caress the majestic marvel,
in misty opaque twilight.

When night sings lullaby,
and moon sleeps on
pillow of cushiony-clouds
monument of unparalleled love
guarded by the emerald-green groves,
pruned so meticulously
sheds pristine tear drops
on the weathered pages of history,

on a serene crescent-moon night
marble-white ghosts with countless
unknown and un-honoured hands
that chiseled and shaped this “dream in marble”,
tread on verdant regal lawns
and sobs from their wandering souls
echo from the arches and alcoves
of the sepulcher of love’s memorial,
and Taj’s shimmering reflection
scatters in bloody fragments
in the ripples of
polluted waters of Yamuna…

2. The Taj Mahal by Beatrice Hann

I’ve seen the sunrise on the Ganges and on the peaks of Everest
But the Taj Mahal in Agra is the place I love best.
The beauty of the mausoleum in marble of pearly white
Is reflected in the water by day and by moonlight.
The paths leading to it are flanked by cypress trees
Whose dark green foliage sways gently in the breeze.

The Taj, built for Shah Jahan in memory of his wife,
Brought him much comfort in the last days of his life.
He could see the reflection of Mumtaz Mahal’s tomb
In a little mirror on the wall of his room
Where he was imprisoned in the Agra Fort
By his ambitious son whose place as Emperor sought.

Now people come throughout the year from countries far and wide
To gaze upon the Taj Mahal – once Shah Jahan’s pride.

3. Sitting On A Marble Bench In Front Of The Taj Mahal by Vinti Jetley

This is how I imagine the things would have been,
A king bereaved and sighing for his queen.
This grandeur in marble is a symbol of grief,
Love so eternal in moments so brief.
He may have ambled in this garden divine,
Or sat on this bench under fading sunshine.
Mourning for his loss, wrapped in his sorrow,
Sighing and denying each gift of tomorrow.
Passion so deep and memories so strong
Soaked in sadness as moments prolong.
I wonder if he ever thought about those
Who tended these meadows and planted this rose,
Who toiled with the weight of boulders in white,
Bent over their chisels in dying twilight.
Their hands kept working without any rest
And finished this filigree in hues perfect.
They raised this pristine structure in stone,
It surely is not the magic of love alone.

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4. Taj Mahal by Andrew JansBrown

can we meet at night
by the pool at the taj mahal?
if you bring the chocolates
i’ll bring the bouquet

so there we go trying to find ourselves a devil
when will we learn the greatest evil is fear
and anyway love when we hit the bottom
we won’t be disapointed if we’re diving for pearls
honey you must know that treasure is a faithful
like a best friend who will never prove untrue
to me my sweet
your beauty is timeless
i’m lost in your eyes somewhere come find me
and lets hold hands and skip for all happiness
though life is sure of sorrows and worrying lines
but i see the light
of all life there inside you
which all of the stars in the night sky
can merely describe

so can we meet at night
by the pool at the taj mahal
if you bring the chocolates
i’ll bring the bouquet

5. A Glimpse Of Taj Mahal by Anonymous

Wonderful is not so much
The mausoleum’s chisel cut beauty
As the beauty of the love
Arrested in its architecture-
Starry white dome in starry space
Ray lit clouds set aglow

Fairer than the sky, akin to third eye
Visitors’ mind illumine with cosmic bliss
As night snuffs asleep.
What’s bricked up looking glass
Dawn sunpolishes
Till Jamuna’s surface looks back

Hallucinating but still real.
There’s in it no beauty
That’s not surpassed in beauty
By beautiful carved adage
Till earth wears out love like theirs
Suffuses this world wonder sarcophagus.

6. Taj Mahal Is A Living Poetry by Kavin Charalan

We stood before The Taj Mahal
in one beautiful moonlit night
I was holding your hand
and you were leaning on my shoulder
That great moment was wonderful before that marble wonder!

Taj Mahal is not just a marble tomb
but a living poetry breathes love through its pages
in you in me and in all who will stand before it for ages!

7. Taj Mahal by Zubiya Surti

Symbol of undying love
marvel in marble, white as dove
They say ‘Wah Taj! Wah! ‘

That wonder of the world,
finds place in every heart.
Such is the grand mausoleum!

Careful hands and twenty two years,
made perfect each stone
as flowers and ‘aayahts’.

Outside are beautiful fountains.
Gardens full of flowers to
perfume the sleep of she who lies

Like an earthly paradise
for someone who is dead,
when life was death for some!

8. Shah Jehan by Rabindranath Tagore

You knew, Shah Jehan, life and youth, wealth and glory,
they all drift away in the current of time.
You strove, therefore, to perpetuate only the sorrow of your heart…
Let the splendor of diamond, pearl, and ruby vanish
like the magic shimmer of the rainbow.
Only let this one tear-drop, this Tajmahal, glisten spotlessly bright on the cheek of time,
forever and ever.

O King, you are no more.
Your empire has vanished like a dream,
your throne lies shattered…
your minstrels sing no more,
your musicians no longer mingle their strains
with the murmuring Jamuna…Despite all this,
the courier of your love, untarnished by time, unwearied, unmoved
by the rise and fall of empires, unconcerned with the
ebb and flow of life and death,
carries the ageless message of your love from age to age: ‘
Never shall I forget you, beloved, never.’

Final thoughts

These are some of the best poems about the Taj Mahal, and I’m sure many more will be written in the future. The Taj Mahal essentially immortalizes one man’s love for his wife, and becomes a memorial that the whole world can still see centuries later. Can anything be more romantic than that?

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